Unlocking Renewable Value With Cash Management

Our clients are constantly challenged to find more/new value with the same (or sometimes fewer) resources.

They watch Sourcing savings diminish over time and these savings often have to be reevaluated or restated.

Can we stop this cycle and create a sustainable renewable benefit on each transaction with a supplier? If so, how does Procurement accomplish this?

The answer is "Yes". There is a renewable solution. The Procurement team must align with a new stakeholder, Treasury. Together, Procurement and Treasury can build an annuity-based value that recurs and compounds in perpetuity. And the best part, realizing this value stream is relatively easy and does not require massive infrastructure investments.

We would like to give a special thank you to our guest Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is a Senior Consultant with Nitor where he works with clients to understand and implement Procurement, Working Capital, and Treasury solutions. Prior to this role, Jim worked in Finance, Accounting, Treasury, and Risk Management for several fortune 500 companies.

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