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To successfully manage and implement change, impacted stakeholders need to be informed on what is changing, bought-in to why, and prepared for when and how the changes will go into effect – all of which can be achieved with an effective approach to communications.

Nitor helps clients communicate strategically and effectively throughout all stages of a change initiative. Through an understanding of your culture and unique stakeholder needs, we recommend communication strategies and plans designed to deliver consistent messaging and meaningful information to the right audiences, at the right time, through a multi-channel approach.

Visible and active sponsorship is a critical success factor; therefore, our approach seeks to engage and equip local change champions to facilitate ongoing, two-way communication with impacted stakeholders to drive awareness and buy-in at all levels. Our communications services provide a lasting foundation for achieving successful business transformation outcomes and sustained adoption.

Nitor's Communications Toolkit Includes:

  • Communications Strategy & Plan

    Details the goals, approaches, channels, timing, and primary inputs for the project communications to be sent to stakeholders (internal & external).

  • Communications Development

    Creation and distribution of communications through a variety of channels/formats tailored based on project and stakeholder needs.

  • Change Agent Network Structure & Execution

    Framework to identify individuals to champion the change at a local/regional level and defined structure for engaging with and managing change agents.

  • Initiative Branding

    Creation of a visible brand name, imagery, and/or tagline to increase ownership and awareness.

  • User Portal

    Central online hub for end user-facing project information and resources to be updated throughout the project.

  • Communications Effectiveness Assessment

    Measure impact and effectiveness of regular communications in driving awareness of change during the initiative.

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