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People and organizational structure are the bedrock that new technology and processes need to be laid on to deliver successful and sustainable transformation outcomes.

When implementing new technology or processes, it is important to consider how the existing organizational structure, roles, and activities will align with and support the desired future state. The use of technology will change the blend of skills and activities conducted in Procurement. Transactional activities will become more automated and efficient, which in turn enables more capacity for a strategic approach to managing categories and suppliers and proactively engaging with business stakeholders.

Nitor utilizes a structured approach to review, design, assess and transition the Procurement organization from current state to the desired and recommended future state for our clients.

Nitor’s Organizational Advisory Services Include:

Understanding what Procurement activity is happening in the current state and where is critical. This helps highlight gaps and also map where such activity could sit in the future and how this might be impacted by new processes and technology.

Once the current state is understood, identifying the best fit structure, FTE needs by Procurement function, interface points, role responsibilities, mission statement and key performance indicators helps build an organizational structure for the future state.

Assessing the current state skills and mapping to the future state organizational needs, enables a gap analysis to inform training and recruitment.

Developing a transition and mapping plan to move resources from current state to future state.

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