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Technology Assessment & Implementation

Today's procurement & supply chain technology landscape is comprised of hundreds of technology solutions.

Through software innovation and solution acquisition, the procurement technology landscape is also ever-evolving. Nitor's technology advisory team has lived on the bleeding edge of procurement technology since the inception of enterprise procurement technology. Over the last 20+ years, Nitor has helped hundreds of organizations to assess their current technology footprint and blueprint a path towards technology modernization.

Nitor’s procurement technology services are scalable and seamlessly transition from Technology assessment, Technology planning, Technology selection, Technology implementation, and software support.

As with nearly all Nitor projects, we follow a proven methodology that includes the below project phases:

Assessment of Legacy Technology Landscape

The Nitor team works with organizations to define the existing technology landscape across a broad set of business functions, including: Spend Analysis, Category Management, Sourcing, Contract Management, Procurement (across spend categories), Invoicing, Payables, Supply Chain, and Working Capital Management (Treasury Management).

By defining and documenting the existing solution footprint, Nitor can determine solution gaps and begin to assess the level of sophistication, usage, and value of each legacy solution. Once this baseline is established, Nitor can begin charting potential paths towards a more modern technology roadmap. The future technology roadmap is one that ensures compliance, drives high levels of utilization, and allows for value creation.

Technology Assessment & Implementation: Planning for Future Technology

Once the “as-is” technology landscape is documented, Nitor works side-by-side with organizations to define the success of the program (as it relates to the technology roadmap). Nitor’s experience selecting & implementing Procurement technology proves invaluable as organization’s modernize and improve their technology footprint.

Nitor works with clients to create a Technology Plan that ensures optimization of the new technology while migrating from (or integrating with) the existing legacy solutions. Nitor experience with procurement technology (since the mid-90's) uniquely positions Nitor to serve as a strategic partner.

Selection of New Technology

Nitor works with organizations to select the best procurement technology solution, full-suite or specific module, to meet our client’s unique business needs. Nitor is technology agnostic with experience and expertise across nearly all procurement technologies. Remaining software agnostic allows Nitor to be objective in our consultations ensuring clients implement the best technology to support their unique business needs.

Implementation of Technology

Based on the agreed to Technology plan, Nitor follows a proven implementation methodology to rollout new procurement technology and effectively sunset legacy solutions. Nitor’s experience deploying enterprise solutions to some of the largest, global companies has provided Nitor with incredibly valuable lessons learned. Nitor’s history of successful technology deployments in the procurement space is unparalleled. We are both humbled and proud that so many reputable global organizations have entrusted Nitor to serve as a strategic software implementation partner.

Technology Support

Nitor provides application support to clients after "Go Live". Our implementation teams walk with our clients until the client is ready to run on their own. Once we collectively sign-off on the success of the implementation, Nitor can also provide application support services as needed.

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