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Digitization & Automation

Nitor's Goals for Accounts Payable
Transformation Projects Include

In order to ensure customers meet the success criteria for A/P Transformation, Nitor provides our customer's supplier community with:

  • Excellent communication around the benefits and expectations related to the invoice digitization journey.
  • The necessary tools and technology to "meet suppliers where they are", from the 'Mom & Pop' suppliers to the high tech, ecommerce savvy suppliers.
  • Encouragement and guidance to comfortably climb the invoice digitization ladder.

Invoicing Tools

Most enterprise suppliers who are Perficient in B2B eCommerce will expect and embrace either EDI invoicing or cXML invoicing. So, for high volume and sophisticated suppliers, Nitor customers need tools to enable suppliers to send invoices via EDI and XML (cXML).

For less sophisticated suppliers, Nitor customers will offer the ability for suppliers to create electronic invoices via a supplier portal or by flipping a Purchase Order (typically received via email).

For ‘mom & pop’ suppliers, Nitor customers have tools that allow for invoices to be sent via email (or snail mail) and digitally converted via AI-based OCR technology.

The combination of tools will allow for all types of invoice digitiazation ( XML / EDI invoicing, a Supplier Network to allow for P.O flipping into invoices, and OCR technology to allow for emailed Invoices).

By providing a full menu of enablement tools, Nitor customers offer suppliers meaningful ways to climb the invoice digitization ladder. Once the invoicing tools & supplier communication plan is deployed, Nitor works with our customers to effectively measure the success of the program. Accounts Payable should always be a KPI driven department. The effort to digitize invoices within A/P relies heavily on KPI’s to determine program success.

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