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Tailored Training Programs

Training and development of new skills & knowledge plays a major role in change initiatives. Successful training and knowledge transfer is a critical driver for achieving adoption rates and maximizing return on investment from new technology and processes.

Nitor partners with clients to deliver a tailored training program that fits their unique audience needs and leverages a blend of learning styles that are best for adult learners. We recommend training strategies and plans based on our understanding of the current skill levels, audience personas, and learning environment within your organization. Our role-based training approach ensures the right individuals develop the right skills & knowledge at the right time. We develop custom training materials and curriculums that allow for sustainable knowledge transfer and adoption of new processes and/or technologies.

Nitor’s Training & People
Development Toolkit Includes:

  • Training Strategy & Plan

    Defines the goals, blended learning framework to address skill needs, multi-channel delivery approach, and primary inputs to the skill development plan for the initiative.

  • Training Material Development

    Design and development of custom training content to meet learning needs in a variety of formats/channels.

  • Train-the-Trainer Structure & Delivery

    Process designed to create trainers within your organization who are capable of conducting training on new systems or processes and sustaining the training program.

  • End-User Training Delivery

    Support for delivering training to end-user audiences.

  • Training Effectiveness Assessment

    Measures impact and effectiveness of training to develop new skills & knowledge and informs on opportunities for continuous improvement.

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