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Nitor Partners launches Guided Sourcing for SAP Ariba as Classic Sourcing will be discontinued Q1 2025.

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Guided Sourcing

SAP Guided Sourcing

As technology advances and customer needs evolve, SAP is dedicated to continuous innovation to enhance our products. This year, users of the traditional classic sourcing interface in SAP Ariba Sourcing will transition to the upgraded guided sourcing feature, SAP’s latest and most advanced user experience. Consequently, support for the classic interface will be discontinued by the end of Q1 2025.

Launched in 2021, Guided Sourcing has been an optional feature while SAP focused on improving usability and adding new features. Now, guided sourcing not only handles the complex scenarios managed by the classic interface but also introduces innovative capabilities that deliver greater value to users. These enhancements include single-screen event creation, powerful search capabilities, contextual help, AI-driven analytics, supplier recommendations, smart Excel data upload/line-item creation, cross-product integrations, direct access to advanced partner applications, and more.

By embracing guided sourcing, your business can leverage the latest technological advancements to stay competitive, optimize sourcing processes, and achieve greater efficiency. Discover the benefits of a streamlined user experience, enhanced analytics, and powerful integrations with SAP Ariba Sourcing. Upgrade to Guided Sourcing and take your business to the next level.

What Is Guided Sourcing Capability?

The guided sourcing capability is a modern, advanced user experience (UX) within the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution that uses intelligent technologies to expedite and improve the creation, monitoring, and awarding of sourcing events such as requests for information (RFIs), requests for proposal (RFPs), and auctions. By delivering simplified, streamlined processes that help reduce the time and effort needed to drive sourcing events, this friendly and intuitive UX makes it easier for you to realize your sourcing goals.

Who Should Use Guided Sourcing?

Since guided sourcing was introduced in 2021, the choice to use it has remained optional while SAP continued to enhance its usability and features. Today, guided sourcing supports the complex scenarios available in our older classic UX along with innovative new capabilities that deliver even greater value – including single-screen event creation, powerful search tools, contextual help, intelligent analytics and supplier recommendations, smart Microsoft Excel data upload and line-item creation, cross-product integrations, direct access to advanced partner applications, and more. With these enhancements, we are planning to transition all customers to guided sourcing during 2024, enabling everyone to take advantage of its superior functionality. After this process has been completed, the classic UX will be retired.


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Guided Sourcing Acceleration & Optimization At Your Fingertips

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Transformation & Optimization of Existing Sourcing Process (includes gap analysis and design)
Hypercare Support
Migrate up to 3 Full Sourcing Templates, 5 Event Templates
Migrate up to 5 Full Sourcing Templates, 5 Event Templates
Generic Training (Self-Serviced Editable Material)
Custom Training
AI Enablement
Organizational Change Management
No separate software license fee is required for Guided Sourcing.

What Key Features and Benefits Does Guided Sourcing Provide?

Fast access to risk and spend management data through integration with the SAP Ariba Supplier Risk solution and SAP Ariba Category Management solution.

Simplified, single-screen RFP and RFI creation that lessens the time and effort required to generate events, increasing user satisfaction and adoption.

Support for full projects and enhanced tools to help users easily handle required tasks and documents, with clear guidance about the next activities to complete.

Extended capabilities through direct access to advanced partner applications, such as Icertis Contract Intelligence for SAP Ariba.

Intelligent recommendations of suppliers to invite to events based on past similar events and existing contracts, improving efficiency.

Intelligent suggestions about content to include based on header-level questions and requirements in similar previous events, speeding the process and boosting productivity.

In-depth analysis and awarding suggestions to enhance the selection process, with flexibility to build customized analysis scenarios or follow the recommendations provided.

Step-by-step directions, help, and guided tours powered by the SAP Enable Now solution on every screen, mitigating the need for training and change management efforts.

Smart Excel import that supports creation of line items from files not in predefined SAP Ariba formats (such as the Excel bid sheet users typically attach to events) and automatically maps data to correct system terms, shortening cycle times and increasing accuracy.

Enhanced supplier search and filtering plus 360-degree supplier snapshots help optimize visibility and accelerate workflows

Bulk edit capabilities that let you select items you wish to update and either add or revise terms, eliminating the need to access each line item separately or export to Excel to make changes.

Multi-round negotiation and bidding within a single RFP sourcing event, saving you from having to run multiple events as a workaround.

Built-in messaging that supports quick and easy collaboration with internal stakeholders and suppliers right from the event screen.

Quick manual award scenario creation and one-click awarding to boost productivity and efficiency.

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