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Nitor Partners launches Guided Sourcing for SAP Ariba as Classic Sourcing will be discontinued Q1 2025.

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Stakeholder Management

Change Management Planning

A change management plan that is built only at the corporate level (a "one-size-fits-all" approach) will dramatically decrease effectiveness. A full stakeholder and cultural assessment will define the individual beliefs that drive individual behaviors, so it's important to understand the current environment and challenges at play in the organization.

Any change in process or technology will be met with a "mixed" response from your associates. An effective change strategy must be grounded in a full understanding of the past experiences and prevailing beliefs held by those who will use the new process or technology.

Nitor's Assessment Toolkit Includes:

Structured approach to identify all impacted stakeholders (internal & external) and establish foundation for stakeholder engagement plans.

Interviews and/or surveys to understand culture, support, and resistance across key stakeholder groups and personas.

Actionable strategy & plan to engage and manage stakeholders throughout the change based on key themes and recommendations identified from the stakeholder assessment.

Working inventory of key process, organizational, and procedural changes for key stakeholder groups and personas with corresponding analysis on the level of impact and recommended remediation plans/actions.

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