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5 Stage Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing has been a popular procurement practice for years and many organizations believe they are practicing Strategic Sourcing. In reality what they are doing is more aligned with conducting tactical buying or reactive resourcing. There is no tie-in to an overarching Category Strategy or thinking strategically and the end result is typically not optimized.

Nitor's strategic sourcing process, tools, and playbook utilizes 5 stages based on a Six Sigma methodology that will help execute your true strategic sourcing vision and deliver value.

Nitor's Six Sigma-based strategic sourcing process provides a holistic approach to sourcing, driving much needed cost savings but also aligning with business needs and improving performance across Delivery, Quality, Service and Innovation. We do not "scorch the earth" and negatively impact the non-costs aspects of a category.

Our holistic approach drives business stakeholder buy-in, ensures sustainable value is delivered and enables knowledge transfer on world class sourcing.

Nitor transforms strategic sourcing into a best-in-class operation through developing process, tools, technology, and training around:

  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Development of a TCO Baseline
  • Insightful Category Analysis
  • Strategic Approach to the Market
  • Standard RFx Templates

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