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Nitor Partners launches Guided Sourcing for SAP Ariba as Classic Sourcing will be discontinued Q1 2025.

Procurement & Supply Chain Reimagined.


All customers must migrate to Guided Sourcing by the end of Q1 2025 to ensure continuous service and access to the latest features and security updates. Don't delay—transition now to avoid any disruption to your sourcing processes... Read More


People Processes Technology

For 20+ years, Nitor has led sourcing, procurement, accounts payable, and supply chain related projects for 100's of global companies. Nitor's depth of subject matter expertise coupled with our technical depth allow us to drive value for our clients.


Now is the time for Procurement to lead value capture. Pursue strategic priorities and operational improvements through the digitization and transformation of Procurement.

Accounts Payable

Transformation of Accounts Payable will improve cashflow, boost compliance, and improve operations. Digitization of Accounts Payable will transition A/P from a cost center to a profit center.

Supply Chain

Turn the Supply Chain into a customer-focused driver of value that delivers innovation and enables business growth. Ensuring the supply chain is both resilient and agile requires digitization and visibility across the supply chain ecosystem.

Treasury & Working Capital

Today’s complex organizational structures and dynamic market environment provide opportunity and risk for Treasury. Through the enhancement of treasury management systems, Nitor transforms treasury into a centralized function while strengthening governance and increasing the accuracy of cashflow forecasting.

Organizational Change Management

The most successful transformations occur when executives mobilize and sustain energy within their organizations and communicate their objectives clearly and creatively. Formulating and executing the Change Management strategy is paramount to the success of Nitor-led projects.


Proven Success

The Nitor team is comprised of seasoned professionals with cross industry experience. Nitor’s breadth of industry experience coupled with our depth of Procurement experience enables us to partner with a broad array of customers. From Public Sector to Private Sector, Nitor has successfully led hundreds of Procurement related projects across dozens of industry verticals.



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