NitorAurora Delivers Fast Time-To-Value Procurement Results

Lynn Barras
Lynn Barras

CLEVELAND, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nitor Partners introduces NitorAurora, a source-to-pay solution bundling the best procurement software with turnkey services designed for fast time-to-valueNitor Aurora Mid Market Fast Time-to-Value Procurement Results results.

Historically, source-to-pay technology solutions have been out of reach for many mid-market organizations due to high cost and scope. NitorAurora opens the door to these organizations, allowing them to realize efficiencies in their source-to-pay processes.

NitorAurora is also the perfect procurement solution for any size organization looking to take the first step in procurement transformation.

Nitor is currently engaged in a technology deployment with NatureSweet Ltd., a San Antonio, Texas-based privately held grower, packager, and seller of produce. "Nitor automated and streamlined our source-to-pay processes with an affordable and fast time-to-value solution designed specifically for our organization," said Javier Gonzalez, Strategic Sourcing Director with NatureSweet Ltd. Nitor's Sean Sollitto added, "By controlling the complexity of the work environment we have significantly reduced the deployment timeline and investment making this the perfect solution for mid-market organizations."

NitorAurora delivers:

  • 10-16 week deployment
  • Value based price point
  • Access to quality content providing millions of SKUs in just days
  • Global functionality
  • Improved spend transparency with reporting cadence across your P2P processes
  • Enhanced spend visibility and management to reduce spend leakage
  • A consumer-focused online shopping experience built on best practices
  • Digitized procurement to connect you to the world's largest trading network

As technology has adapted to inclusiveness, so has Nitor. With NitorAurora we offer alternative deployment models based on your organization's budget, need, size, complexity and vertical.

Nitor Partners: From advisory services that focus on assessment, benchmarking and developing a transformation roadmap, to our consulting services that execute the plan across source-to-pay technologies, process and people, to Sustainment for staffing assistance in key aspects of source-to-pay, Nitor builds a customized relationship that helps our clients become best in class. Throughout the process, our Change Management expertise assures that everything is aligned for maximum results and minimal growing pains.

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