The importance of Treasury & Working Capital Management to increase shareholder value, profitability, cash flow, and to reduce risk has never been more critical to an organization’s overall health. Mapping a holistic strategy, making sense of the available solutions and realizing long-term, sustainable change is Nitor’s core mission in advising clients on how to approach Treasury & Working Capital Management.

Our main focus is on Treasury Management Optimization, overall improvement of the Cash Conversion Cycle and Payment Channel Optimization.

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Treasury Management Optimization

Treasury & Working Capital Framework


Optimizing Treasury Management requires a holistic view of the critical components:


Liquidity Management

  • Cash position and forecasting
  • Connectivity and data aggregation
  • Debt and investments
  • Foreign Exchange
  • In-house banking, netting, pooling



  • In-house payments
  • Treasury payments
  • Supplier payments


Control & Compliance

  • Investment policy
  • Debt covenants
  • SOX
  • Security, signers and approvals

 Risk Management

  • Liquidity risk
  • Currency risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Operational risk
  • Payment fraud


Working Capital

  • Source-to-Pay integration
  • Terms, Discounts, Card
  • Dynamic discounting
  • Supply chain finance
  • Order-to-Cash

Treasury & Working Capital

Treasury Management System Selection & Implementation

What is the importance of a Treasury Management System?


A Treasury Management System (TMS) is a software application that automates the steps needed to manage a company’s cash flow. The importance of a Treasury Management System is its ability to provide Treasurers with visibility and reporting to manage their business, liquidity, optimize their cash flow and meet compliance requirements.


How do I start a Treasury Management System Selection?


Think of a TMS selection as a fulltime job. As with any application needed to run your business, start with prioritizing your wants and needs. Next, fully research and understand the capabilities of the TMS options available (typically TMS overviews and TMS demonstrations provide the insight needed to fully understand the Treasury Management System functionality). Then, there is always your budget. Fully understand the TMS solution costs and support as well as TMS implementation options.


This is the point when working with a TMS consultant makes the most sense. Nitor, the leader in source-to-pay transformation, and Kyriba,the leader in global treasury solutions, have teamed up to meet your TMS needs.


How do we mange a Treasury Management System Implementation?


Managing the implementation of a Treasury Management System, while maintaining business as usual is no small feat. Nitor and Kyriba work to bring clients online everyday. Let our team lead you through the selection and implementation of a Corporate Treasury Management System

Overall Improvement of the Cash Conversion Cycle

Working Capital Framework


We focus on the core elements across the Cash Conversion Cycle and an integrated strategy with Treasury & Procurement:


Order-to-Cash (DSO)

  • Streamline collection points
  • Collect funds faster – pay debt or reinvest
  • Automate the order-to-cash process
  • Decrease bad debt


Forecast-to-Fulfill (DIO)

  • Better forecasting – production and cash
  • Better visibility into cash position
  • Enhance inventory control
  • Shorter lead time

Source-to-Pay (DPO)

  • Align to Procurement’s source-to-pay strategy
  • Extend payment terms or take discount
  • Automate invoice-to-pay process
  • Enable card where possible


Treasury Management

  • Access to cash or higher APR
  • Better cash forecasting
  • Faster cash positioning
  • Decrease debt and cost of funds








Working Capital and Treasury Management Cash Conversion Cycle DSO DPO DIO

Payment Channel Optimization

Realizing Value of Payables Process


Automating Source-to-Pay now presents Finance & Treasury with new strategic options for Terms, Discounts and Card.

Working Capital and Treasury Management Source-to-Pay Finance and Treasury Payment Channels Invoice and Pay eProcurement

As the leader in Source-to-Pay, Treasury & Working Capital Management Transformations, Nitor has a unique value proposition of leveraging process optimization expertise across the entire workflow, including Source-to-Pay, Supplier Payments, Supply Chain Finance, and Cash Position and Forecasting to deliver a true end-to-end Treasury & Working Capital Management strategy. Nitor’s laser focus on these solutions over the past 15 years has developed proven and effective techniques to managing a firm’s working capital while optimizing for cash position and ensuring risk is managed appropriately.


Working Capital and Treasury Management Procurement and Treasury Linkage Source-to-Pay Strategy Working Capital Management Treasury Management


Advisory & Assessment

Nitor’s advisory services create a complete assessment of current state Treasury & Working Capital Management processes, encompassing People-Process-Technology. We create benchmarks, gap analyses, recommendations, a business case and an implementation plan. Nitor leverages over 15 years of process optimization in various firms ranging from global Fortune 100 organizations to mid-market niche companies.


Transformation Program

Working together, we execute the assessment recommendations including the process redesign, program management, organizational alignment, Change Management & governance. In our experience, the biggest factor in realizing value from a Treasury & Working Capital Management Program is effectively managing change within the organization and with vendors or suppliers.


Technology Selection & Implementation

Nitor is a Premier Partner with the leading Treasury & Working Capital Management software providers. We leverage this knowledge to review business requirements, source / evaluate / select a best fit Bank, Workstation, Payables, Card or Fintech technology solution and manage the implementation and training.